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Prometheus (mythology)

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Prometheus was a figure from Greek mythology, who rebelled against Zeus. According to one account, he was known as Prometheus the Life Bringer and was an Olympaia.


Creation of life[]

Prometheus sought to "beautify" the universe, as he put it, with living creatures. In doing this he stole from the temple on the planet of Olympus some life spores which he scattered across the universe. This, however, angered Zeus, who banished him to be chained to a mountain on an unnamed planet for the rest of his existence. (COMIC: The Life Bringer!)


Over time, the mountain which Prometheus was chained to had eroded to a small rock.

Eventually the Fourth Doctor and K9 Mark II arrived to the unknown planet and came across Prometheus eventually freeing him from his chains with K9 using his photon beams to break them. Once freed Prometheus used his powers to send the TARDIS with the Doctor and K9 to the planet Olympus but once there they were confronted by Aphrodite who took them to the huge temple where they were to be judged by Zeus.

Prometheus was put into a confinement room which he thought to escape by pounding on the wall for a thousand years till it would break. However the Doctor eventually escaped along with K9 and let him out. Prometheus quickly collected some more life spores which he would once again spread new life across the universe in an act of revenge against Zeus.

He, the Doctor and K9 eventually was able to quickly leave via the TARDIS before Zeus could harm them. Once in space Prometheus exited the TARDIS and headed to an unknown planet which the Doctor speculated could be the Earth but wasn't sure. (COMIC: The Life Bringer!)


Prometheus was a deity in Greek mythology. He was an example of the Punished Fire-Bringer, an archetypal figure found in the myths of many planets. (PROSE: The V Cwejes) According to one account, Prometheus's Roman equivalent was Vulcan. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

Upon meeting Ashad in 1816, and assuming that he was an artificial being with a creator, Mary Shelley referred to this hypothetical figure as a "Modern Prometheus". (TV: The Haunting of Villa Diodati) This would later form a part of the title of her famous novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. (COMIC: The Creative Spark)