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Project: Longinus was the first part of the The Forge comic series written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. It featured Nimrod, the head of the Forge.

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Five miles beneath Edinburgh, Nimrod falls out of a ventilation shaft into the fifth floor of Hecht Museum of Unexplained and Occult Material. Across the museum, curator Rhona McAndrew brings her phonecall to an end after her security systems detect an intruder.

Nimrod finds what he came to the museum for, the Lance of Longinus, and begins scanning it with Oracle. McAndrew walks into the room and shoots Nimrod. Unfortunately for her Nimrod is unaffected because of his vampirism and he reaches out and snaps her neck. He swabs the body's mouth and uses McAndrew's DNA to deactivate the museum's security protocols. He then collects the Longinus and walks out of the museum into the streets of Edinburgh.

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