You may be looking for the audio story of the same name.

Project Infinity was a secret plan devised by the Rhinesberg Corporation to defeat the Daleks. Headed by Project Director Espeelius and based on Lopra Minor, they planned to open up a dimensional rift and scan dimensions for one in which the Daleks had been totally annihilated. The Earth Alliance planned to use whatever methods that dimension had to do the same in our universe.

To open the rift, massive quantities of the substance Veganite were required.

Unfortunately, the Daleks had learned of Project Infinity from the Library on Kar-Charrat and centred their invasion on Vega VI, the source of the Veganite. After subjugating the population and completely mining out the planet, the Daleks went to Lopra Minor and took command of the complex. A battle ensued, with a large victory for the Earth Alliance, but it was only a distraction. The Daleks had opened the dimensional rift and scanned for a universe in which they were victorious and had complete control.

Finding that universe, the Dalek Emperor summoned a battalion of Daleks from it, hoping to learn their secrets and have them join the Dalek Empire. However, the new arrivals were polar opposites of the Daleks and turned against them, declaring war. (AUDIO: Project Infinity)

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