Project Hermod was an institute founded during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm to protect Germany from extraterrestrial threats. Originally known as the Institute of Alien Technology, it was located in a sprawling laboratory beneath Treptower Park with Dr Elbaum as its director.

It had remarkable autonomy and independence until the rise of Nazism, after which Oppenführer Hans Grau and the SS took over because of their tolerance of "the lower races and degenerates". Elbaum was hunted and a number of the other members shot, whilst the others were forced to work for the Third Reich.

In 1945, LeDuc had himself arrested by Grau as part of Torchwood's plan to locate Project Hermod, in which he was successful. (AUDIO: The Dying Room)

In 1953, having been sent to Project Hermod in Berlin to investigate alien funghi, Lizbeth Heyhoe found that Project Hermod has been implanting the funghi into children. Shocked with what she had discovered, Heyhoe burnt Project Hermod to the ground, much to the fury of her boss. This led to her being demoted to Room 13, and her team of scientists being disbanded. Soon after, Heyhoe met Norton Folgate who was investigating the Skylon.

In the mid-1950s, Project Hermod used gangsters to smuggle packages into Soho containing and unleashing an alien Nazi parasitic funghi into London. The funghi controlled the minds of the taxi drivers and police officers. Norton Folgate, Andy Davidson and Gideon Lyme of Torchwood investigated the funghal spores, which intended to take over the planet. (AUDIO: Parasite)