Project Eden was a scientific venture in the Lucifer system with the goal of finding high-mass elements as a possible power source for Earth.

The main facility of the project, Belial Base, was situated on the dark side of Lucifer's moon Belial. At its heart was the Operations Room, where the neural net was located. The Pit went straight through the centre of the moon, with corridors branching off that the crew made into quarters. On the other side of the Pit, Belial was connected to another moon, Moloch, by a thin but strong fibre called the Bridge. The Lift was a toroidal object that ran between the two bodies along the Bridge. Moloch was a hollow shell filled with vegetation and Moloch Base was located in its interior. Much of the workings of the system were a mystery to the Project Eden crew, not least of all the strange beings who lived on Lucifer called the Angels. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

Crew Edit

There were twenty-eight personnel in total. Miles Engado was the Coordinator. The three heads of departments were Christine LaFayette, Chief Psychologist, Piper O'Rourke, Head of Support Services, and Alex Bannen, Technical Services Supervisor. Federique Moshe-Rabaan was a representative of the Energy Police. These departments frequently clashed over division of energy and resources.

Paula Engado, Shmuel Zehavi, and Filo Julee were psychologists. Craig Richards, Jesus Delporto, Anushkia Smyslov, Satvindha Mudan, Lars Ulrich were scientists. Julie Ndobe, Chas Varley, Sam Russell, and Tiw Heimdall were technicians and engineers. Yukio Nakaguchi and Sulio N'Farr worked on software. Tanetoa was the cook. Also on the crew were Cheryl Russell, Kosiana Kistasami, Rachel McBride, Teal Green, and Brandon Courdry.

All of the crew had corneal grafts to be able to see simularities, a holographic medium of video. Supply drones periodically brought news and entertainment. The day was twenty-five hours long, divided into eight hour and forty minute shifts of work, rest, and sleep. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

History Edit

The Project began in 2152. The funding came from Earth Central, substantially due to the intervention of Madrigal LaFayette. One of the crew, Piper O'Rourke, was a spy for the Interplanetary Mining Corporation. She infected the neural net with a virus that sent information to IMC.

In 2157, the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Bernice Summerfield arrived on the Project and integrated themselves with the staff. Shortly after their arrival, the Coordinator's daughter Paula died, prompting the investigation of an Adjudicator, Bishop. Next, Sam Russell disappeared and Federique Moshe-Rabaan was murdered.

Alex Bannen began tinkering with some of the recently discovered machinery in an area within Belial named the Mushroom Farm that had controls operated by emotion. Belial and Moloch started to move out of alignment, killing and injuring some of the crew on the Lift at the time.

Earth Central went bankrupt and IMC bought the mining rights to the Lucifer system. IMC sent a fleet led by an multidimensional being known as Legion. Their troopers killed everyone on Moloch except Christine and Ace.

IMC set up eight contained black holes around Lucifer to remove the atmosphere, but the Angels were able to reverse the effect. Bannen once more began to use the Mushroom Farm controls, this time sending out waves of energy that modified morphic fields. Many of the crew had their biologies altered and died gruesome deaths. Only nine of the original crew made it to a shuttle to Earth. The Doctor, Bernice, and Ace were able to put the system to rights using their emotional memories. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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