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Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Heart's Desire, or simply The Heart's Desire, was the twenty-fourth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the first story of the sixth season of audio stories, released in June 2005. This story continues the same themes and focus as the 1983 Doctor Who television story Enlightenment, featuring both Enlightenment and the Eternals.

Publisher's summary[]

Christmas is a time for family, for feeling a bit sick after you've stuffed your face full of food, and for forcing a smile at the musical socks that Braxiatel thought would amuse you. It's not a time for zipping halfway across the galaxy with the wafer-thin hope that you can save your home from being destroyed by a previously uncharted pulsar that's heading your way.

And that's pulsing a message in Morse Code.

Deciphering the message leads Bernice Summerfield to Marlowe's World, a place where death is irrelevant even though it lies at every corner, where the wildlife is just sooo cute — but lethal — and, most important of all, where you must be very, very careful what you wish for...


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  • This audio drama was recorded on 4 March 2005.
  • This story debuts the secondary Simon Robinson theme tune. This version features a female voice singing with the beat of the tune.


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