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Product Enterprise have made Doctor Who action figures, electronic and otherwise, since the 1990s. A large portion of these toys have talking functions. The company, which is thought to have gone defunct in 2007 or 2008, was replaced by Sixteen-Twelve collectibles, and as of yet this new company hasn't produced any new Doctor Who merchandise.

6" talking Daleks Edit

All types have 5 unique phrases (see below) and red flashing lights. Initial release: 3 types. Red/Silver, Black/Gold, Silver/Blue (The Chase).

Later release: Imperial Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks) [limited edition]

Following the above more colours were released; Silver/Black (Death to the Daleks), Grey/Black (Destiny of the Daleks), Gold/Black (Day of the Daleks, Red/Gold with Black spots [limited edition from scificollector], Black/Gold with Gold neck bin and dome (Planet of the Daleks) [limited edition from scificollector], Silver/Blue with black dome (Evil of the Daleks) [limited edition from scificollector]


Early models had the following phrases: "Seek, locate, annihilate!" / "Exterminate!" / "You are an enemy of the Daleks!" / "Daleks rule supreme!" / "Destroy the Doctor!"

Voice chips were eventually replaced with different, more electronic voices, which say: "Halt! Do not move!" / "You will obey!" / "Exterminate the Doctor!" / (Gun sfx) / "Locate and Destroy!"

Talking figures Edit

Fourth Doctor with K9 Mk.III (Comes with sonic screwdriver and jelly babies) Cyberman (With Cybermat and Cybergun) Black Stealth Cyberman (With Cybermat and Cybergun) [limited edition] Cyberleader (With Cybermat and Cybergun) Cyberman [Silver Nemesis Chrome finish] (With Cybermat and Cybergun) Davros [Also RC] Also released 6.5 Talking Daleks in a similar scale (see separate section)

12" RC Daleks Edit

IMG 7210
IMG 8254

Earlier releases - these had primarily blue controllers. Silver/Blue 60's Dalek, Black/Silver "Remembrance" Supreme Dalek, Gold/Black "Day" Supreme Dalek, Red/Black "Saucer Pilot" Dalek (non-TV design)

Later releases - these had purple controllers. Grey/Black "Genesis" Dalek (limited edition), White/Gold Imperial Dalek (limited edition) [both pictured], Silver/Black "Death" Dalek, Silver/Blue 60's Dalek "Evil" Dalek Guard, Black/Gold "Planet" Supreme Dalek.

12" Movie Daleks - one of each type from Daleks' Invasion Earth (Film) with unique "Saucer" controls. Gold Command Dalek, Black Supreme Dalek, Red Saucer Pilot Dalek, Chrome Variant, Gold Variant (70 worldwide)

2.5" Micro action talking Daleks Edit


These eight Daleks are the same size as the roll-a-matic Daleks produced earlier by Product Enterprise, feature pull-back and go, as well as voice clips - the same used on the 12 inch RC TV Daleks. All of them, with the exception of the red/blue Dalek are heavily similar to the larger 6.5 inch versions. Eight colours: Silver/Blue, Black/Silver, White/Gold, Silver/Blue/Black Dome, Grey/Black, Silver/Black, Black/Bronze and Red/Blue/Silver Slats.


Later in 2007 the company released Movie Dalek versions in the four main colours from the second film, as well as limited edition red chrome, standard silver and gold chrome 22k versions. The standard colours were released in a box together. Their voice clips were the same ones used on the larger RC Models.

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