The Proamonians were a race of humanoids with an unusual biology.

Biology Edit

Proamonians were similar to humans in terms of internal and external anatomy, but had a much lower body temperature. Their natural body temperature was -193° C, but they could survive at higher temperatures. At around 0° C they started to get weak and would have trouble breathing. At even higher temperatures or when exposed to direct light, they would start to melt and then evaporate. This lower body temperature meant that the touch of a Proamonian could be fatal for other lifeforms, causing severe frostbite.

Proamonians also had very long life spans, living for thousands of years with no apparent ageing. (TV: Dragonfire)

History Edit

Around the year 1,997,000, the notorious Kane-Xana group of criminals were plaguing the Proamonians. They were eventually stopped, but Xana was killed in the process. Kane was punished by being sent to Iceworld on the planet Svartos. Iceworld was a massive spacecraft attached to the surface of Svartos, but the power source, known as the Dragonfire, was removed and protected by a biomechanical Dragon. Kane took control of Iceworld, turning it into a trading colony and hiring and buying mercenaries to help him take back Proamon.

Two thousand years after Kane was exiled from Proamon, the planet was destroyed when its star went supernova. Though Kane eventually obtained the Dragonfire, it was a thousand years too late and he was unable to achieve his vengeance on Proamon. He committed suicide by letting in the direct rays of the sun. (TV: Dragonfire)

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