Priyanka Maratha was an astronaut-in-training and the daughter of Tiger Maratha and his wife.

Her father briefly travelled with the Fourth Doctor when she was a child. She would sneak up into the TARDIS when no one looked and talk to her. She believed that the TARDIS replied to her back. She held strong memories of the Doctor offering her jelly babies, but eventually decided that he must have been a dream.

She decided to train for an astronaut, which her father did not approve of. Her mother died tragically.

After her father was killed in 2314, she joined the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in the quest to find out who was responsible. While investigating Fortress Scindia, she was left alone in the TARDIS and had enough presence of mind to ask the ship to take her to the Doctor, who was transported to 1825. There she was introduced to Rani Jhulka. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

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