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Prisoner of the Ood was the second story in the audio anthology Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by John Dorney and featured Georgia Tennant as Jenny and Sean Biggerstaff as Noah.

Publisher's summary[]

Moving into Leafield Crescent, Angie Glazebrook is surprised by an unexpected caller. But not half as surprised as Jenny, suddenly transported to a suburban close on twenty-first century Earth.

And that's nothing to the surprise of the neighbours when alien visitors start appearing. Visitors with tentacled mouths, carrying death-dealing orbs. The Ood have come for their prisoner...


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  • Ian crashes his car into a force barrier.
  • Vanessa blames the occurrences on Derren Brown.
  • "Angie" claims to have moved in from Surrey.
  • Stan was the previous occupant of number 10, killed by Valderon before she moved in. ("Angie" first claims to Jenny that it's number 20, before telling Vanessa it's number 10.)
  • Ian is adamant that it's not Derren Brown, Dom Joly or Jeremy Beadle running a prank show with hidden cameras.
  • Catherine lives at number 3, and is stuck outside.


  • Though not made clear within the narrative, Waltham Abbey, where Leafield Crescent is located, is in Essex. Audio commentary with John Dorney and the cast confirm that Essex is the intended setting of this story.


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