Prison in Space was the third release in the second series of The Lost Stories.

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A relaxing break for the Doctor and his companions Jamie and Zoe becomes something decidedly more sinister when they are arrested for trespass. But what has happened to the planet Earth? And how has the malevolent Chairman Babs gained control? As the Doctor and Jamie are incarcerated in a prison that they can never escape from, Zoe is forced to change sides...

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  • Zoe is described as being from the year 2000.
  • The Doctor initially believes that the TARDIS has arrived in the British Isles in approximately 40 million BC.

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  • Prison in Space began as an unproduced serial intended to be part of Season 6 by Dick Sharples. It would have featured a female-dominated planet, previously used in another unproduced serial The Hidden Planet. It would have featured Zoe Heriot starting a sexual revolution, before being brainwashed and then deprogrammed by the Second Doctor, who smacks her on the bottom. It would also have featured Jamie McCrimmon in drag. The story was rewritten when Frazer Hines decided to leave and then again when he decided to stay. Executives were unhappy with it, but Sharples refused to rewrite and it was replaced by The Krotons.[1]

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