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Primord was the first story in The Third Doctor Adventures: Volume Five. It was written by John Dorney and featured Tim Treloar as the Third Doctor, Katy Manning as Jo Grant and introduced Daisy Ashford as Liz Shaw and Jon Culshaw as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

Publisher's summary[]

Prisoners are escaping from incarceration all around the country and UNIT have been called in to aid in the search. But the Doctor is unwilling to agree to the Brigadier's request for help as he and Jo have opted to take a holiday – they're going to visit his old assistant Liz Shaw, now working in Cambridge University.

But, unfortunately for Jo, the Doctor can't relax for very long. Soon the Time Lord and his friends are facing an old enemy – creatures they'd long since thought they'd put to ground.

The Primords have returned – and this time the danger may strike very close to home.


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Uncredited cast[]


  • Liz infects the Doctor with a handshake, but fails to infect Jo because she goes for a hug as a greeting, with minimal direct skin contact.
  • Sharp plans to use the Primords as bioweapons.


  • Liz has become a Professor.
  • Michael was Liz's fiancé.
  • Billy has a Cairn Terrier named Chrissie.
  • UNIT soldiers on site include Rogers, Hutchinson, Dinkley and Moors.


  • The British Army and fire brigade are called by UNIT as reinforcements.


  • The Doctor claims he could develop a cure even in the UNIT canteen.


  • The Doctor activates the sprinkler system using Bunsen burners, spreading the cure.

Food and drink[]

  • The Doctor, Liz and Jo share several bottles of red wine.
  • The Doctor offers Jo a nightcap.



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