Primo de la Vega was an element of Goralschai's Quincunx. He was illegally loomed at House Meddhoran from Acamapichtli's biodata.

Goralschai hid Primo in 21st century post-ghostpoint Mexico City, where Primo usurped Todd Calavero's place in the timeline. Primo and Todd existed in a state of superposition, their indeterminate contradictory nature fueling Goralschai's manipulations of House Meddhoran. In contrast to Todd's entropy, Primo began generating an aura of life.

As Lorraine Conti and Todd Calavero came to interact with him, noting that Conti was a witch and, fearing she had an unhealthy interest in him, he fled with Todd towards his grandmother Ultima. As they did, Gedarra appeared in their car, destroying it. Conti then caught up with them and placed Todd into a deep sleep, so he fled from her again, this time with Gedarra. The two ended up treading through Tlalocan to the past where they observed the New Fire Ceremony and Primo regressed Conti's body in that time to plant matter in order to complete the ceremony, causing Goralschai to incarnate as Xiuhtecuhtli and thus sacrifice himself to restart the world. (PROSE: Against Nature)

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