The Prime Minister of Loam was sitting in his office as the planet was being destroyed by High Goliax. Both he and his aide, Chalmers, saw the ex-Prime Minister Baroness Hellyer, also known as Sugarpea, fly past in a flying chariot with a friend. The Prime Minister told Chalmers to turn away rather than wave, as he wanted to face the end of the world with his sanity intact. Sugarpea used her coal-fired diplomat Brassneck to force the resignation of the Prime Minister in a coup of the doomed planet. She did this as part of a self-sacrifice to stop the High Goliax attack and pay off the planet's debt to the Krib bank. When the minds of the mindless High Goliax were reattached to their bodies, Martha Jones told the Prime Minister to say hello to his "new immigrant population". (COMIC: The Woman Who Sold the World)

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