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A President of Gallifrey ruled during the plot of the Doom Coalition to end the universe. Their rule occurred some time after Romanadvoratrelundar's first term in office, immediately preceding the period of Padrac's rule.

During the Eleven's escape from Gallifrey, the President was away forging alliances with alien powers. In their place, Padrac deputised. (AUDIO: The Eleven)

At a later time, the president was away on another diplomatic mission in Monan space, and Jerastra was unable to meet them. When finally returning to Gallifrey, the Presidential TARDIS was trapped in the transduction barrier, and the Presidential Aide attempted to contact Jerastra for assistance. The aide and the president were then killed by Caleera while still in the barriers, and Padrac stood up as the new Lord President. (AUDIO: Songs of Love)

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