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A prequel to The Legacy of Time was released by Big Finish Productions on 18 July 2019 on their official YouTube channel.

Publisher's summary[]

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This scene, featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela, is exclusive to the internet.


Within the TARDIS' control room, the Fourth Doctor enjoys a glass of ginger beer as his companion Leela watches. Suddenly, the control console detects a time distortion. A voice is heard, announcing that "it's growing", which the Doctor attributes to "fractures in space-time", observing that the past, present and future are all in flux. Finding the epicenter of a fracture, the Doctor attempts to take the TARDIS in gently. However, the TARDIS is shaken, causing the Doctor to drop his glass. As he does so, he hears the voice tell someone named "Charley" that they need to "find the source". The Doctor does not recognise this "voice from nowhere", with Leela commenting that it is "strange yet familiar". The Doctor concurs with Leela that they are under attack, potentially from time itself. The Doctor assures Leela that the TARDIS is not crashing, rather making a "force landing" to the planet Henlam. Meanwhile, the voice tells "Miss Pollard" that they are headed to the planet Earth, where he hopes to catch up with "an old friend, or two."





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