Prelude Transit was, as the name suggested, a prelude to Transit by Ben Aaronovitch. It did not appear in the published novel.

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An old man is forcibly retired, given a country home and assigned a nurse. He uses a wheelchair, wears an electronic bracelet that monitors his life signs, and suffers from nightmares. A boy wearing a UN uniform begins watching over him. Eventually, the boy helps the old man mount a horse which had also been put out to pasture, and during the ride both the man and the horse die from the exertion. The old man is buried with full military honours.

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  • The location is implied to be Geneva, as it is in the mountains and is near a lake.
  • The old man's nurse used to work for the KGB.

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  • Bambera is informed that a mountain in America had just exploded, implied to be the events of the end of PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead.

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