The Predator Dalek was a creation of the Eternity Circle during the Last Great Time War. Twice the size of the standard Dalek, it was a deep vermillion with black sense globes and slats, with its interior featuring a burnished metal seat surrounded by dials and monitors, along with various probes and spikes that would interface with the humanoid occupant sitting in the chair, including a large needle clearly intended to be inserted into the soft flesh at the rear of the skull.

The Eternity Circle intended to house the War Doctor inside it, interfacing him with Dalek technology to make him the perfect Dalek, neutralising his emotions and his memory of his past lives while leaving them free to exploit his creativity. The Doctor dismissed this plan as foolish, arguing that his emotions made him who he was and depriving him of them would deprive him of the very qualities the Daleks were trying to harness. The Predator prototype was subsequently destroyed when the War Doctor and Borusa destroyed the Dalek fleet around the Tantalus Eye. (PROSE: Engines of War)

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