Preba was a Peladonian trisilicate miner, who once helped the Third Doctor navigate the caves underneath the royal citadel. He was raised in the caves, which gave him a navigational advantage over most Peladonians.

He and the other miners later forced Ettis to help them rescue Gebek from the citadel. The miners entered the citadel and found out from the guard captain that he was in the throne room. Now knowing where Gebek was, Ettis, Preba and the other miners entered the throne room. Preba told Gebek to come with them, but Preba and the other miners were then shot and killed by four Ice Warriors. Ettis was the only miner who managed to escape. (TV: The Monster of Peladon)

Preba was the youngest of the miners and by far the most daring. Despite the fact that Ettis trusted him, Preba was in fact a strong supporter of Gebek. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Monster of Peladon)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Despite being given a name, this character is little more than an extra in the televised episodes. He never has a close-up, and all but one of his scenes are played very much from the side or from behind. However, he is identified on screen when Ettis directly addresses him. Nevertheless, he is often confused with the more prominent Rima, played by Roy Evans, who gets stabbed by Ettis in part four and who goes unnamed in the credits.
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