Pre-narrative Briefings formed part of the linking material of The Book of the Enemy. Each was a briefing in the form of a quote of varying length from a person or document, chosen to accompany the following story.

Of the nineteen parts, two were written by Michael Simpson and Lesley Brakken, and the remaining seventeen were written by the anthology editor Simon Bucher-Jones and attributed to fictional individuals. Biographies for these individuals appeared interspersed among the real author biographies at the end of the book; several of them were referenced within the corresponding briefings.

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Letter Attribution Accompanying story Author
0 Entarodora and Irma Ebbinghaus Subjective Interlock Simon Bucher-Jones
A Irma Ebbinghaus The Annotated Autopsy of Agent A
B Oracle of Shakespeare Cobweb and Ivory
C Michael Simpson The Book of the Enemy Michael Simpson
D Irma Ebbinghaus T.memeticus: A Morphology Simon Bucher-Jones
E Entarodora
F Robert Scarratt The Short Briefing Sergeant's Tale
G The Writer's Yearbook 2019 A Bloody (And Public) Domaine
H Robert Scarratt Life-Cycle
I Entarodora First Draft
J Alain Chartier Eyes
K Xenaria Who Survived We Are the Enemy
L Marko Marz Timeshare
M Malachi Yarrow A Choice of Houses
N Book of Lies Houses of Cards
O Infancy Gospel of Grandfather Paradox
P Psychiatrist The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Enemy
R Gen Volst No Enemy But Despair
Q Lesley Drakken The Map and the Spiders Lesley Drakken
S X-12 Simon Bucher-Jones

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  • Pre-narrative Briefing Q appears between R and S.
  • The pre-narrative briefings were followed by one "Post-Narrative Briefing", the final part of Subjective Interlock.
  • In November 2017, Simon Bucher-Jones posted on his blog a cut excerpt from The Book of the Enemy. In it, the series of briefings is said to address "the essential problem of ENEMY IDENTIFICTION".[1]

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