Praygat was a Tritovore trader.

He came with his colleague Sorvin to trade with San Helios for dung to feed on. However their ship was grounded by the Stingrays and they were marooned on San Helios after it was destroyed. Some time later they saw the 200 bus arrive through a wormhole and brought the Tenth Doctor and Christina de Souza to their ship at gunpoint. They assumed they were responsible for the attack on San Helios and planned to kill them. However the Doctor soon proved them wrong and the Doctor and Christina gathered enough equipment to take the bus back through the wormhole to Earth. The Doctor offered them passage to Earth, where they might find a home. Praygat and Sorvin agreed but were killed when one of the Stingrays burst through the ceiling and devoured them. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Praygat was not named on screen, only in the credits.
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