A prayer was an attempt to communicate with or entreat a deity.

Thanks to the TARDIS' translation, when the Tenth Doctor said Morituri te salutant in Pompeii in August 79, Lucius Petrus Dextrus thought it a "Celtic prayer". (TV: The Fires of Pompeii)

Squire Claude Portillon used the prayer "O Mater Dei, memento mei" (Latin for "O Mother of God, remember me") in 17th century England. (AUDIO: The Witch from the Well)

When Grigori Rasputin devoured the cakes which were supposed to have been poisoned and remained unharmed in December 1916, Prince Felix Yusupov became convinced Rasputin was possessed by the Devil and shot him in the back as he knelt in prayer. Purishkevich finished the job, shooting Rasputin repeatedly until he died and then beating his corpse in a fit of rage. (PROSE: The Wages of Sin)

In 1935, Thonmi taught Victoria Waterfield the "Jewel of the Lotus" prayer to keep her from succumbing to the Great Intelligence's hypnotism of her. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen)

Receiving a phone call from her mother in 2009, Donna claimed to be in church praying. In reality, she was a sat on a toilet within a cubicle while investigating Adipose Industries. (TV: Partners in Crime)

Muslims worshipped Allah, and used the prayer "Allahu Akbar", meaning "god is great". (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

The Khulayn was the religious leader of the Saraani. The Khulayn would lead the others in prayer, make major decisions and generally lead their people. (PROSE: Dry Pilgrimage)

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