A potent weapon was any device or object capable of inflicting permanent change to the imago of a Citizen of the City of the Saved, including death.

Rumours of devices capable of changing the Imago existed from the very early days of the City and were sought out by those who were not entirely happy with their Imago. While temporary changes, such as giving a Citizen wings, were possible, there were always those who sought permanency. (PROSE: Lost Ships and Lost Lands)

The arrival of Potent Weapons coincided with the first recorded murders (or, as Detective Y pointed out, homicides, as murder required intent to kill) (PROSE: To Die by the Sword) — within the City, at the same time as the Manfolk rebellion and Antipathy's assault. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

It didn't take long for groups to see the advantage such Weapons brought them, or the chaos they could cause. The Romuline-controlled City Council acted to isolate any Districts where Potent Weapons were found in order to contain the threat. Other groups, such as the Potent Weapon Information Network, sprung up to track the spread of Potent Weapons. (PROSE: The Queen of Clubs)

The use of bomb sniffer dogs, while low tech by City standards, was an efficient way of detecting Potent Explosives. There was no way, however, of detecting Potent blades beyond attempting to use them on human flesh and seeing if they cut. (PROSE: To Die by the Sword)

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