Port Talbot, Barry, Pyle and Porthcawl map

Mary Cooper's map, showing the location of Porthcawl. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Porthcawl was a coastal town in South Wales which looked out over the Bristol Channel. To the north-west of Porthcawl was Port Talbot, north was Maesteg and to the north-east was Pyle. East of Porthcawl was Cowbridge. (TV: The Categories of Life) It was also located close to Ogmore-by-Sea. (PROSE: The Arcade of Doom)

Porthcawl appeared on Mary Cooper's map of overflow camps in and around Wales. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Behind the scenes Edit

Resolution, the 2019 New Year Special, was partly filmed at Newton Beach in Porthcawl. In this case, the filming location filled in for Siberia.

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