Mary Cooper's map, showing the location of Porthcawl. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Porthcawl was a coastal town in South Wales which looked out over the Bristol Channel. To the north-west of Porthcawl was Port Talbot, north was Maesteg and to the north-east was Pyle. East of Porthcawl was Cowbridge. (TV: The Categories of Life) It was also located close to Ogmore-by-Sea. (PROSE: The Arcade of Doom)

Porthcawl appeared on Mary Cooper's map of overflow camps in and around Wales. (TV: The Categories of Life)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Resolution, the 2019 New Year Special, was partly filmed at Newton Beach in Porthcawl. In this case, the filming location filled in for Siberia.

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