Cousin Porsena was a member of Faction Paradox, who served as Cllr Vedular Omazd "Ved" Mostyn.

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First life Edit

Porsena was originally a comedian and con-artist. When the Faction set up in his town, he started imitating them in the hopes of making money off it somehow. Father Self thought it was funny, and saw potential in Porsena's ability to assume roles, and so recruited him to the Faction.

Porsena was already fat and in his forties when he was recruited. He took the name Little Brother Porsena (an anagram of "persona") after a cartoon pig. In the Eleven-Day Empire, he trained his impersonation skills under Mother Lavelle. He lived at the Army and Navy Club in St James' Square.

Around three months after Little Brother Porsena's induction, Cousin Antipathy arrived. Porsena noticed that he was occasionally losing minutes or hours of his time with no apparent reason, and that it was happening to other initiates in the building as well. He told Father Self, who got together four other Mothers and Fathers. They attempted to use some form of ritual against Antipathy — who had been selling them out to the Enemy of the Great Houses — but Porsena interrupted, and Antipathy dematerialised. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

Resurrection Edit

In the City of the Saved, Cousin Porsena was part of the Rump Parliament. Under the name of Ved Mostyn, he was elected to the City Council to be a Parliament agent. The Rump Parliament had discovered that the Manfolk were engineered by one of the War-time powers, so Porsena tried to discredit pro-Manfold groups. He allied himself with the Manfolk cause, but because of the constant scandals he caused, he only damaged its credibility. He had an affair with Allisheer St Marx, which ended rather suddenly when she stabbed and killed him with a potent weapon.

Cousin Porsena was resurrected at the Epicentre in Manfold by Antipathy. He tried to rescue Lon Shel, but just got killed again. When Godfather Avatar/Little Brother Edward was resurrected there, they agreed that Avatar would ride Porsena while Edward rescued Lon Shel. Porsena was killed more permanently when Avatar blew up both them and Antipathy. (PROSE: Of the City of the Saved...)

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