The Poodles were a race of aliens who looked much like Earth poodles.

Biology Edit

The Poodles look much like Earth poodles, but with human-like hands, increased intelligence and the ability to walk upright. They would just come up to the knee of a human when walking upright. They also had a longer lifespan and could live for over 60 years. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

Technology Edit

During 2070s, the Poodles had technology mostly similar to those of 20th century Earth, though there were some major advances. They used televisions, as well as Earth-compatible VHS cassettes. They travelled in hovercars on land. They had some time travelling technology in the form of temporal pinking shears.

By the late 2050s, the Poodles had created a space-station at the edge of their solar system. Though highly unappealing in looks, it was able to pick up television transmissions from Earth. Likewise, they had the spaceships to bring them from the dogworld to the space station. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

Culture Edit

Poodle culture was an odd blend of human civilisation and dog-habits.

Poodles lived in cities much like those of 20th century Earth, though the colours were different, generally with buildings being the green of the rocks of dogworld. Poodles ate biscuits and drank from water bowls. A proper greeting was a growl, as well as sniffing each others' behinds when meeting with people of higher rank.

Poodles generally wore fine clothes and collars, as well as booties when they were trying to hide their hands from humans. Poodles would commonly dye their furs bright colours. Poodles in the army customarily dyed themselves red. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

History Edit

In the history of the dogworld, one Poodle attempted to take over the throne from the Empress by regaining the bones of an ancestor from a lost city in the far north. Once he completed the quest, he proved his right for the throne and killed the Empress. After he became Emperor, he removed any traces of the history from the records.

The daughter of the Empress, Princess Margaret, attempted to take back the throne. Using her mother's handmaiden Martha to manipulate Iris Wildthyme to manipulate Noël Coward, she changed The True History of Planets so that it would tell the history of her world. The novel would then be made into a movie in 2007, which would be broadcast and then picked up the space station to be distributed to the dogworld. After the meddling of the Eighth Doctor, the book was returned to its original form and Margaret was killed by Imperial loyalist. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

Undated events Edit

The Manleigh Halt Irregulars once had an encounter with the Poodles and the pinking shears. (PROSE: The Delightful Bag)

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