Pondnium! was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2012. Published the same week of the Ponds' swan song's broadcast, this was the last comic story to feature Amy Pond and Rory Williams as the Eleventh Doctor's travelling companions.

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The Doctor finally gets round to taking Amy Pond and Rory Williams to Pondinium — a planet covered in small pools that reflect a possible version of the viewers own future. When Rory accidentally falls into one of the ponds he is rescued by Amy who dives in after him but from the pond emerges a Aquarpey. The ponds are traps that create small water puddles of psychic resonance particles. The Aquarpray is alone and has been for a long time, centuries, creating so many ponds. In another pond the Aquarpey catches a glimpse of a happy family future with her own young. With no threat posed, the travellers are sympathetic to the creatures lonely and with a bit of an effort manage to get the creature through the TARDIS' double doors and take her home.

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References Edit

  • In a future possibility, the Doctor sees himself as a Franoobian bingo caller.

Notes Edit

  • The story is set on the planet Pondinium but the story title is Pondnium.

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  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

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