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Pond Life was a series of five short Doctor Who webisodes leading up to the series 7 premiere. Each one was said to take place in a consecutive month leading up to September, the launch month of the series. It depicted a fiercely damaging argument between Amy Pond and Rory Williams for an unspecified reason that set them on the path to divorce, leading into the events of TV: Asylum of the Daleks.

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The Eleventh Doctor checks in on Amy Pond and Rory Williams after leaving them.

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April: The Eleventh Doctor phones Amy and Rory on their answering machine about his adventures: fleeing Sontarans by surfing the firefalls on Florinall 9, meeting Mata Hari in Paris, singing the backups for an album and crashing into ancient Greece.

Part 2 Edit

May: The Doctor bursts into the Ponds' house while they sleep, trying to tell them that the world is endangered and that they are to save the planet. Realising it's the wrong time for them, he decides to collect their future selves. The Doctor tells them they'll be safe, wishes them a good night and leaves. Rory says he hates it when the Doctor does that.

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June: Rory steps into the bathroom, and is startled by what he sees. Whilst collecting himself, Amy goes into the bathroom. Revealed is an Ood in the bathroom asking, "May I be of any assistance?"

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July: The Ood is still living in the Pond household, acting as a butler for Amy and Rory - cleaning their windows, making food, hanging their washing outside. The Doctor explains that he rescued the Ood from the Androvax conflict, planning on returning it to the Ood Sphere, and misplaced the Ood when he last visited. He tells Rory that he will pick the Ood up "tonight" and then starts wondering when tonight will actually be?

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August: The Doctor, having returned the Ood to the Ood Sphere, leaves another message on the Ponds' answering machine, talking about more of his adventures, such as having invented pasta. He attempted to visit Amy and Rory's home, but they were out. He's sure everything's alright with them, but as he speaks footage is shown of Rory storming out of the house and Amy shouting. He then says to call them if they need him and hangs up. He then gets a nervous look on his face and deletes the message. Soon, Amy arrives home and checks the answering machine. Finding no message, she says to herself, "We need you, raggedy man. I need you."

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  • The Doctor claims to have invented pasta.
  • Amy steals a sausage from Rory.

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  • Pond Life was also the name of a 1996 TV Series.
  • Pond Life uses a unique opening sequence that does not feature the Doctor Who logo. It introduces the new credits typeface which continues into Series 7.
  • Karen Gillan had to wear a wig during filming of Pond Life because she had changed her hairstyle before production began.[1] However, the flashback of Amy and Rory's argument in Part Five shows her real hair while both are wearing their costumes from Asylum of the Daleks, suggesting that this bit was a deleted scene from the episode itself.

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Doctor Who Complete Seventh Series UK DVD Cover

Complete Seventh Series DVD Cover

This mini-episode was released as part of The Complete Seventh Series on DVD and Blu Ray on September 24, 2013.

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