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Pond Life was a Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic story published in 2014.

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Rory objects to River going on a date with the Doctor.

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Amy Pond and Rory Williams are cuddling on the couch when River Song walks downstairs unusually dressed up. Amy compliments River's clothes and asks where she's going, and River explains she's going on a date. Rory protests and asks who she's going on a date with. River opens the door to reveal the TARDIS under a street lamp. Rory again objects the to River dating the Doctor, but she dismisses his protests as the Doctor pops out of the TARDIS and excitedly greets everyone. He apologises for being late due to "a giant space dinosaur" in the Dundra system and proceeds to invite River aboard, despite a fire flaring inside the TARDIS. He promises her parents he'll get River back in one piece, and Amy cheerfully tells them to be back by eleven.

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