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Pompadour was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event.


Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson muses on why she cannot see the Doctor and why he never returned to her, fearing he grew cross with her. She then wonders why her home in Versailles has fallen silent as the people have disappeared. While she cannot see him, she speaks to the Doctor about how she imagines how him and her would have traveled together.

She confesses that she has recently had dreams recalling how the Doctor once told her the Clockwork Droids scanned her brain and stored her memories on a computer in a vessel far from her home. She wonders whether that very computer, containing her own thoughts and secrets, could somehow come to believe itself to be her and worries that it would be lonely in the dark, far away place the Doctor came from, thinking it may share her own weakness for loneliness.

She then worries for why she cannot even see, breathe air into her lungs, or even hear anything beyond her own voice. She cries out, asking where the Doctor is.

The camera then pans away, revealing the voice was coming from a control node aboard the abandoned SS Madame de Pompadour, the computer within the ship now believing itself to be Poisson.




  • Steven Moffat previously used the idea of a computer believing itself to be a specific person in his short story Corner of the Eye.