According to the Twelfth Doctor, the Pollyanna was "the first of the Ninth Era sunships". It was part of an expedition led by Rudy Zoom, who wanted to be the first man on the Sun, to circumnavigate the Sun. Apart from Rudy, the ship was crewed entirely by women. The ship was shielded against the Sun's heat and radiation. The ship used Professor Alice Dubrovnik's graviton inverter to shield itself against the Sun's gravitational force by flipping it and turning it back on itself. Without it, the Pollyanna would have been "squashed like a bug".

As the Pollyanna reached the Sun, the Umbra snuck into the ship through the plasma intake and began slowly killing its crew and the ship's press team, using their bodies as vehicles. The Umbra which swarmed on the outside of the ship anchored, while the ones which had multiplied inside tried taking over the ship's flight deck to feed off the minds on Earth. Clara Oswald, however, had destroyed the ship's navigation system, meaning that only the back-up systems could be used to find Earth. When the crew were surrounded while trying to escape the Umbra, Clara used Rudy to try and negotiate with them. However, Rudy's mind was "like poison" to the Umbra, as he didn't have any self-loathing in his mind, and the Umbra died. Meanwhile, the Doctor had attracted the rest of the Umbra to him, and they began feeding off his guilt. He set up the final link to Alice's graviton inverter on the hull of the ship, allowing Alice to briefly boost the inverter and create a secondary gravity envelope, which inverted the gravity and the heat, freezing the Umbra on the ship to death.

The Pollyanna's crew consisted of Captain Rashida Dhawan, Security Chief Florence Dell, Junior Navigator Sandy Tanaka, Officers Wright and Jordache, Alice Dubrovnik, Georgia Butler, Harriet Wilcox, Paula and Kelly. The ship also had its own press team which Rudy hand-picked. (COMIC: The Eye of Torment)

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