Political Animals was the first comic story in the Faction Paradox series.

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A "War in Heaven" is raging between time-active cultures, each seeking to usurp control of history. Into this conflict comes Faction Paradox – a group of time terrorists whose appetite for chaos threatens to subvert the entire timeline. Part story, part history and part puzzle-box, this is a chronicle of protocol and paranoia in a War where the greatest victory of all is to hold on to your own past.

In 1774, England's eccentric King George III gathers the world's powers – including the American colonials, the Prussians and the enigmatic emissaries of Faction Paradox – in London for a hunt of epic proportions. But as part of this, a serving-girl named Isobel fatefully encounters the Americans' "hunting dog," a bone-wielding warrior named Mayakatula, leading to devastating and bloody consequences for this crucible of history.

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In 1774, while King George III holds celebrations for a hunt, Mr Snaddon and his apprentice Isobel attend to the "Beast" - a bone-wielding warrior, presented as a gift to the King by the American colonials. At the same time another gift arrives, this time from Empress Catherine of Russia - a woolly mammoth. The mammoth is a relic of history that shouldn't exist in this time, and has attracted the attention of Faction Paradox representative Mother Francesca her associate.

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  • Upon its release, this comic received favourable reviews from several mainstream comic reviewers.[1][2][3] It was featured by Diamond Comics as a "Gem of the Month".[4]

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