Plymouth Hope City was the first human settlement established by the survivors of Stewart Ransom's Back to Basics expedition to colonise Axista Four in 2439. It was built on a plain a few miles south from the remains of The Big Bang, the crashed ship on which the colonists arrived.

Because of the Back to Basics movement's aversion to human over-reliance on technology, Plymouth Hope was built mainly from wood and was modelled on old American frontier towns from the 19th century. It was laid out in a cross shape. Three miles from what passed as the city centre was Kartryte Farm.

Main Street consisted of the communal buildings, including general stores, meeting halls, blacksmiths and a tavern. The medical centre, a prefabricated complex, was the first building erected and the only high-technology building on the planet. Half-hearted attempts were made to modify its aesthetic to match the rest of the town.

Overly-extreme adherence to Back to Basics principles led the town, and the colony as a whole, to stagnate. By 2539, a century after its foundation, when the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot visited the planet, Plymouth Hope was still the colony's only town. (PROSE: The Colony of Lies)

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