Plutar was a student at the Time Lord Academy. Although his grades were very good, he was failed because he was involved with a group that thought the Time Lords "should meddle with other worlds to fight evil". He was sent to work as a TARDIS technician.

One day, a TARDIS he was repairing was stolen by Sillarc and they were both transported back to Gallifrey's distant past, where two Gargantosaurs fought one another near the TARDIS and picked up and moved the TARDIS in their battle.

After narrowly escaping being killed by Sillarc, both of them rushed to the TARDIS. Plutar tried holding the door closed, but Sillarc broke in. The pair landed close to the Time Lords who were distracted by Sillarc's hypnotic image while he secretly stole the TARDIS and Sillarc was forced to take off again.

When Sillarc attempted to transport the TARDIS on board his spacecraft, Plutar and armed guards were waiting for him and he was arrested. In recognition of his initiative, Lord Kairel advised Plutar to reapply to the Academy. (COMIC: The Stolen TARDIS)

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