Plight of the Monkrah was the second ninth story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Snapshots. It was written by John Davies. It featured the Fourth Doctor and Oliver Day.

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The Doctor and Oliver encounter Gravkrom-Vey, who claims to be a Manicoll trying to preserve the last of the Monkrah. Gravkrom-Vey convinces Oliver to open a lock, which is little more than a simple game.

It turns out that Gravkrom-Vey is an actor. To prove his acting ability, he needs testimonials from several individuals, so he conned them (and several others) into believing that he was a Manicoll. Though the Doctor saw through his ruse, he and Oliver sign the testimonial anyway. The Doctor then strands Gravkrom-Vey on the Manicoll homeworld to obtain the last signature he needed.

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