Plasmatons were creatures created by assembling random particles in the atmosphere.

Plasmatons were not efficient guards but could be used to capture others. They were generally harmless and were not good soldiers either. However, through the use of psychic power, a person could assemble the particles into something far deadlier, though it was still called a Plasmatron. A temporary field of particles could also be created to trap a person.

The Xeraphin used their psychic powers to create Plasmatons, and through their power the Master was able to summon Plasmatons for his servants. Because the Xeraphin's power was weak, Kalid was only able to summon Plasmatons or trap someone in a Plasmaton field, requiring all the power he had to focus on only one thing.

A Plasmaton variant was used to terrorise Tegan Jovanka and Nyssa when they attempted to enter the Citadel. (TV: Time-Flight)

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