The Plantagenet family was an English Royal Family in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The first known Plantagenet King of England was Henry IV, who was sometimes known as Henry of Bolingbroke and Henry Plantagenet. He seized the throne from Richard II in 1399, after leading a group of rebels to depose him.

Henry was succeeded by his son, Henry V. (AUDIO: The Doctor's Tale)

By the reign of Edward IV, the reigning family was the Yorks. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)

Behind the scenes Edit

Although not mentioned in any narrative source, the House of York was a cadet branch of the Plantagenets. Additionally, Henry IV is generally thought to be the first King of the House of Lancaster, another cadet branch.

Henry III and Richard II are both also considered Plantagenets, though they are not identified as such.

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