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Planet of the Rain Gods was a three-page comic strip adaptation of the unused opening sequence of the television story The Doctor's Wife. It was later adapted as mini-episode Rain Gods.


The Doctor, Amy and Rory are being marched by aliens intent on sacrificing them to the rain gods. The Doctor does not have a plan to get them out of it, until the Hypercube materialises before him, scaring the aliens away and giving the Doctor and his friends clear passage back to the TARDIS.


Story notes[]

  • This story serves as an alternate opening to the episode The Doctor's Wife, replacing the scene on the TARDIS where the Doctor receives a Hypercube. In this version, the Hypercube appears in the middle of another adventure instead of knocking on the door of the TARDIS.
  • As a deleted scene, this story is not considered a valid source by this wiki, unlike the eventual DVD mini-episode based on it, Rain Gods.