Planet of the Mechanoids was the third story in the Daleks! animation series. It was released on 26 November 2020 on the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel as part of the Time Lord Victorious series.


The Daleks offer an alliance to their foes, the Mechanoids. But will their Queen accept the Daleks' offer at face value, or has she a plan of her own for the Emperor?


A Dalek saucer flies through the orbital defences of Mechanus and lands at the Mechanoid City. The Emperor exits flanked by Silver Daleks and is greeted by the Mechanoid Queen. He admits that he has come to ask for their help. The two go to her star chamber where they review the Daleks‘ failing fight against the Entity.

The Prime Strategist exits the saucer and demands to speak with a scientist. He is ordered to wait by the guards but becomes impatient, resulting in a brief exchange of fire. Mechanoid 2150 arrives and halts the fighting, agreeing to speak with the Strategist. They travel across the City, which the Strategist acknowledges is efficient, to inspect the status of the orbital defences.

The Silver Daleks grow impatient for news of the Emperor but are ordered to wait by the guards. They believe he is in danger and fight back, resulting in a skirmish against the Mechanoids. The Emperor and Queen observe the fighting and she notices no more Daleks emerging to aid them as they are defeated and speculates that the Emperor and Strategist are now the only two Daleks left.

Mechanoid 2150 and the Strategist discover that the power grid is being drained, leaving the Mechanoids defenceless. As the power fails completely, the Emperor reveals to the Queen that he has led the Entity there.




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