Planet of the Diners was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2014.

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The Doctor brings Clara to a restaurant on Calbaron III, only to be told there are no tables until 8:30pm, three years from today. The Doctor and Clara make their reservation and travel three years into the future, only to find that the restaurant is closed to celebrate the third anniversary of the overthrowing of a tyrannical emperor. The return to their first destination just as they were leaving originally and ask how they could get a table in the present, where they learn that they would have had to have made arrangements three years into the past. The past Doctor and Clara see their future selves in the restaurant and the Doctor realises they will do so. At the TARDIS, the Doctor finds a scratch on the side. A passing alien tells him it was the tyrannical emperor who did it. The Doctor decides to overthrow him.

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