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Planet of the Dead was a Seventh Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Doctor is on the planet Adeki, trying to fish, when he comes upon an old city of the Adekians. It is populated with metamorphic aliens. On meeting him, they take the shapes of his former companions (most of whom are dead), but then take the form of his previous selves.

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  • The Gwanzulum shapeshifters were an idea by John Freeman that Richard Starkings decided to use across almost every Marvel UK comic at the same time.
  • The story was later reprinted in DWCC 14 with additional colours.
  • This was artist Lee Sullivan's first Doctor Who comic. He got the job due to his likeness of Richard Branson in a Transformers comic.
  • This story shares the title of the TV story transmitted in 2010.

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