Planet 3 Broadcasting was a television news network on Earth in the early 21st century. Operating from London, England, they were a competitor of the BBC for investigative news reporting. (AUDIO: The Longest Night, The Wasting)

Reporters[edit | edit source]

Sarah Jane Smith worked as an undercover journalist for Planet 3, exposing corruption by companies and officials in high places. In 2002, her report of illegal activities at the Scottish fishery HalterCorp was shown to be based on false information, and HalterCorp sued Planet 3 for defamation. Sarah Jane was fired soon after and all of her credentials were revoked, forcing her to live under an assumed identity for many months. (AUDIO: Comeback)

Francis Currie, who left the BBC in 2005, was Planet 3's front-line reporter during the alien plague that swept through London, Great Britain and across the Earth. Currie worked with friends at UNIT to expose ICIS as the source of the plague. (AUDIO: The Wasting)

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