You may be looking for Planet One.

Planet 1 was a legendary planet upon which technology became so advanced that anything was theoretically possible. It was past the outer rim of Mutter's Spiral within the Spatial Wastes. The atmosphere was saturated with Intelligent Molecular Technology; this allowed Sebastiene, the owner of the planet, to conjure up any object he wanted with the wave of a hand. The planet also had a vast crew of robots who served Sebastiene, as well as a colossal castle in which he lived.

The Tenth Doctor was brought to Planet 1 against his will by Sebastiene to be hunted by the Endangered Dangerous Species Society. However, the Doctor escaped the Society and Sebastiene with the help of his ultimate fan, Baris, leaving a robotic bomb that blew up half of the northern hemisphere, which gave them time to escape. (PROSE: The Doctor Trap)

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