A backwater planet became the new home of the mind-wiped Khamirae when the war they were created to fight in no longer existed. The climate of a planet its age was normally closer to that of Death Valley, but the planet was terraformed and had cestus oak trees planted.

The Thane watched over the village in the valley from his castle and kept the Khamirae villagers' bestial forms pacified with a neuropathic generator, which also prevented them from leaving the valley. When the Khamirae unexpectedly gave birth, the Thane cloned himself to continue watching them for generations. Mistakenly believing the Thane was preying on the Khamirae, the Tenth Doctor destroyed the generator, and fixed it upon realising his mistake. The Thane refused to clone himself any further and decided to spend the remainder of his life letting the Khamirae come to terms with their who they truly were. (COMIC: Universal Monsters)

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