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An Earth-like planet was the only known source of paxltt. It was home to two races, an advanced humanoid race and the primitive Tryods. The humanoid race eventually became extinct and the Tryods evolved into their world's dominant species.

The Second Doctor visited this world at least twice. The first time, he had met the huge, golden-haired people who lived there, one of whom told him of a earlier civilisation now lost. During the second visit, thousands of years earlier, he learned that the planet's leader, Qar, was seeking permission from the Raymah to massacre the Tryods. He convinced Asiries, the Raymah's representative, to persuade the Raymah to save the Tryods. It was not until after the Doctor recognised a rock from the planet as paxltt that he realised he had been there before. (PROSE: The Word of Asiries)

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