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Planet (The Gunfighters), to fit in with its actual first appearance in the final scenes of that story

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An Earth-like planet without a name (PROSE: The Man in the Velvet Mask) was once home to the civilised Elders and the primitive Savages. The Elders survived by draining energy from the Savages who lived outside their city. The First Doctor put an end to this practice. His companion Steven Taylor remained behind to help unite the two peoples. (TV: The Savages)

A Sontaran scout ship crashed on the planet several years before Steven was transported to an alternative Death Zone on Gallifrey by Borusa. This experience taught him a Sontaran could be incapacitated by striking his probic vent. (AUDIO: The Five Companions)

On the planet that he chose as his new home, Steven became king and had three daughters. His youngest, Dodo, was his favourite. He was eventually deposed by his two other daughters. He also had a granddaughter named Sida. (AUDIO: The War To End All Wars)