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A monarchical planet located halfway across the universe from Earth had a succession crisis, following the death of its king and all his heirs on the planet.

Astronomical data[]

From space, the planet looked purple, and there were two planets in close orbit: a grey planet and a green planet with rings.

Native species[]

This planet was inhabited by a humanoid species, capable of mating with humans.

This planet was led by a monarchy and they respected the authority of the Judoon. Their language was mathematical in appearance.

The inhabitants of the planet had warp shunt technology with which they could move the populations of entire planets. It could be calibrated to cause no damage, stopping moving objects safely. They could remotely activate, deactivate or control electronic media on Earth, such as televisions and mobile phones. They also made use of robots, bio-dampers, teleportation and telepathic implantation of memories.


Around 1997, the king of the planet went to Earth. There, he mated with a human woman, siring Gavin. Unwilling to have his people come looking for his son, he gave Gavin's mother a bio-damper to give to the boy before he returned home.

In 2010, the king and his brother both died, leaving no heir to the throne. Gavin was tracked to Earth, but as he was wearing a bio-damper, they could not find him. The population of Earth was removed with a warp shunt, except for Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra (both of whom had been grounded by the Judoon) and Gavin. Two Automatons were sent down to search for the heir. With assistance from Clyde and Rani, the Automatons found Gavin and returned him to the planet. (TV: The Empty Planet)