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A planet that was Earth-like, but located at the other end of the galaxy to Earth, was home to a primitive humanoid race. When the Muse crashlanded onto the planet, a local village took her in, believing her to be a goddess and her spaceship to be a fallen star. A few days later, the planet was visited by the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, who were surprised to find themselves spontaneously bursting into song due to the Muse's influence. A ship full of Shasarak then arrived on the planet looking for the Muse and captured the Doctor. He escaped and made his way to the village, where he repaired the Muse and set a trap for the Shasarak. Afterwards he contacted the Maharani of Baloch and arranged for them to be placed into custody, while the Muse decided to stay on the planet. (COMIC: Planet Bollywood)

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