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K9 Mark I once visited a planet that had been pulled into a dimension other than the one inhabited by the planets Tellus and Gallifrey. The planet was owned by Tellac Inc., who intended to turn it into a giant quarry prior to its disappearance.

When he arrived there in his Time Lord-built spacecraft, K-NEL, K9 discovered that the world was populated by a range of Earth animals that were from widely varying moments in evolutionary history. Sabre-toothed tigers and mammoths, for instance, lived alongside pygmy hippos and rhinoceroses.

Most peculiarly, K9 found a colony of human miners. These Tellac employees shared the secret of how the planet had been moved to another dimension, and how the Earth animals had come to live on the planet. However, they pleaded with K9 to keep their secret from their former Tellac bosses. They believed they had found paradise and did not want to return to being oppressed by the corporation.

K9 agreed to comply with their request before setting off for his home dimension. (PROSE: K9 and the Missing Planet)

Fauna Edit

The Earth animals K9 saw on the planet included antelopes, beetles, bison, butterflies, dragonflies, giraffes, lions, mammoths, moths, pygmy hippos, rhinoceroses, sabre-toothed tigers, spiders, tapirs, and zebras. (PROSE: K9 and the Missing Planet)

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