PlagueDog! was one of the stories published in The Incomplete Death's Head. A part of a database created by Hob of the life of Death's Head, the story was a reprint of one published in 1989.

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In a building in the middle of a race track, Dead Cert hires Death's Head to kill a "mutt". Meanwhile downtown, Spratt purchases an office from the Undertaker. As he walks into the room, a gelatinous, toothy monster lurks on the ceiling...

Uptown, Jules Venici is trying to enjoy his birthday party, when a giant cake arrives at the front door. He expects a gunman to pop out of it, thinking it is from Dead Cert. However as he cuts the cake and his goons shoot it, it is revealed to simply be a normal cake and creates a mess. As he sits down to dine on some real cake, it explodes in his face.
Jules kneecap

"Kneecap" covered in cake.

Death's Head, disguised as his waiter, tries to leave but is confronted by the goons. They engage in a fight.
PlagueDog! Death's Head

Downtown, Spratt enters a dark room, proclaiming it will make a good office for him and Death's Head. A claw lingers on the ceiling. Just as it swipes for him he stumbles over a table. As he finds a lamp, he hears a slimy noise from the corner. He turns around, face-to-face with a giant, green, vaguely doglike beast, which screams "HUUUNGRRY!".

While crouching behind a table, Death's Head considers his job. He realises once the Undertaker finds out Venici is dead, he would send out PlagueDog, his bioengineered killing machine, who happens to be who Dead Cert hired Death's Head to kill. In order to do that, he must kill the Undertaker's second lieutenant and force him to bring out PlagueDog.

Spratt is tackled and scratched by PlagueDog, but narrowly escapes. As he runs away the two bump into each other and tumble through the floorboards.

Death's Head tricks the goons he is out of ammo and leads them to the balcony, where he shoves them off. He lands safely.

Spratt falls on his back, but is able to stand up. Although PlagueDog catches his shoe, he makes it to a hovercar. He picks the lock and drives away, but PlagueDog catches up, smashing through the back of the car. He reverses into a crate, runs away, and tosses a grenade, thrown by the explosion but having gotten rid of PlagueDog.

In the Undertaker's office, he picks up his phone.

Death's Head stands in the apartment of Roberto "Slick" Capelldani, surrounded by dead bodies and wreckage. He mises it still wasn’t enough to bring out PlagueDog. He returns to his office to find PlagueDog already dead and Spratt with his arm in a sling, not wanting to talk about what happened.

The next day, the Undertaker hires Big Shot and tells him he will receive a handsome reward for killing Death's Head and his partner.

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